Miroslaw Polatynski

Artistic Director, CEO & Founder
Miro holds an MFA in Acting from the National Film, TV & Theatre School in Lodz, Poland. In June 2007, he obtained an MFA in Directing from the Centre for Film and Theatre at York University in Toronto. Shortly after graduation, he started to fulfill his previous vision about bridging theatrical gaps between cultures and countries. For this purpose he founded Atlas Stage Productions Canada, and invited a group of professionals to build its foundations. He is a licensed Theatre Instructor by Poland’s Ministry of Arts and Culture. His illustrious career has seen him in over 70 principal, lead and supporting roles in theatre, which have garnered much praise and numerous awards.

His work as an actor extends to feature films in Poland and abroad. Furthermore, he has substantial teaching / coaching experience in the areas of acting and directing as witnessed by his work in Poland, Germany (Film und Theater Athanorakademie) and Canada (York University). His directing experience includes 13 directing credits.

Master of Fine Arts – Acting; National Film, Television and Theatre State Academy in Lodz – Poland
Master of Fine Arts – Directing – Graduated at York University in Toronto – Canada; Center of Film and Theatre.
Certified Instructor of 1st degree in the Theatre field – License of Ministry of Culture and Arts
Theatre Workshop “Voice-Body” conducted by Sigmund Molik, an actor from “LABORATORY THEATRE” of J.Grotowski

Selected Films and TVs:
Woman and Woman – dir.R.Bugajski
Episode – dir.T.Junak
In Broad Day Light – dir.E.Zebrowski
Near, ever Near – dir.Z.Chmielewski
Black cat – Production: Film Crp. “Zespoly Filmowe” Warsaw
Poetry of Michael Quist – OMNI-1 TV Toronto, dir.Maria Nowotarska
Poetry of Polish Poets – OMNI-1 Toronto
10 for Daddy, Canada
7th Day – Scrap yard Owner, Canada
Mayday SO E09 – Investigator, Canada

Selected Theatre Performances:
Mr. Jowialski – A.Fredro (Victor), dir. Z.Wojdan
Red Shoes – H.Ch.Andersen (Jemmo), dir. J.Rudzki
The Tempest – W.Shakespeare (Ariel), dir. J.Slotwinski
The Hypochondriac – J.B.Moliere (Cleant), dir. J.Slotwinski
Antigona – Sophocles, Anoille (Eteocles), dir. J.Andrucki
Tango – S.Mrozek (Edek), dir. J.Kuszewski
Creation – I,Iredynski (Nobady), dir. J.Kuszewski
The House which was built by Jonathan Swift – G.Gorin (Dr.Simpson), dir. W.Zeidler
The true story of Ah Q – Ch.Hein (Ah Q), dir. B.Slonski
Kate and Hippopotamus – M.V.Lliossa (Writer), dir. B.Slonski
The Liberation – St.Wyspianski (Director of the Theatre), dir. W.Zeidler
Kordian – J.Slowacki (Mefisto), dir. W.Maryanski
Marriage – N.Gogol (Anuchkin), dir. W.Jankowski
Troilus and Cressida – W.Shakespeare (Achilles), dir. J.Pazdro
Leonce and Lena – G.Buchner (Valerio), dir. B.Sieroslawsky
They as Four – G.Zapolska (Fedycki), dir. T.Obara
Mother – S.I.Witkiewicz (Leon), dir. B.Wyszomirski
Mr Love – K.Leach (Mr. Love), dir. B.Zaczykiewicz
Ladies and Husars – A.Fredro (Major), dir. B.Zaczykiewicz
Mother Joan of Angels – J.Iwaszkiewicz (Wolodkowicz), dir. M.Fiedor
Dinner for Idiot – F.Veber (Pierre Brochante), dir. B.Zaczykiewicz
The Attractive Reigen – W.Schwab (Husband, Manager), dir. T.Hynek
Incorrigibles (Fantasy) – J.Slowacki (Major), dir. B.Zaczykiewicz
Tribute to the Heroes of Warsaw Uprising (Commander) – Burnhamthorpe Library Theatre, Mississauga, dir. M.Nowotarska
In addition, almost forty other theatre productions
Assistant Director in many Theatre Productions

Performed in many cities in Poland and abroad:
London – England
Teshin – Czech Republic
Bielgorod – Byelorussia
Toronto – Canada

Germany: Theater,- und Film Athanorakademie – Faculty of Acting.
Poland:  Theatre Classes in studio: “Training in the range of Acting”
Canada: Acting Classes for Non Major at York University

2000 and 2002 three nominees for the Gold Mask Actor’s Award
2003 Actor’s Prize for “Major” – Incorrigibles (Fantazy) by J.Slowacki at the Theatre Festival “Polish  Classical Works” in Opole
Major or secondary characters in various performances receiving  Team Actor’s Awards
Golden Owl, 2014, in category Theatre, Vienna.

Poland: Life is a Journey by E. Stachura; Skin Flick (Ostra jazda) by Norm Foster – Teatr Komedia, Warsaw; Looking (Randka w ciemno na dwie pary) by Norm Foster – Warsaw; Skin Flick (Ostra jazda) by Norm Foster – Teatr im. A.Mickiewicza, Częstochowa; Bedtime Stories (Historie łóżkowe) by Norm Foster – Teatr im. A.Mickiewicza, Częstochowa; Self-Help (Przygoda z ogrodnikiem) by Norm Foster, Warsaw; Opening Night (Premiera) by Norm Foster – Teatr im. A.Sewruka, Elbląg; Old Love (Stara miłość nie rdzewieje) by Norm Foster – Teatr Ekostudio, Opole;
Germany: Im Zerrspiegel der Wünsche – Stage Collage of: Three Sisters – A. Chekhov;
Maria Stuart by F. Schiller; The School of the Mrs. by J.B. Moliere; Anthony and Cleopatra by W. Shakespeare.
Germany: Scheint Wahr zu sein – Stage Collage of: Liola by L. Pirandello; Tartuffe by J.B. Moliere; The Invaluable Ridiculous Ones by J.B. Moliere; Love for Love by William Congreve.
Austria: Rendezvous für Spätzünder (Looking) by Norm Foster, Kleines Theater, Salzburg.

Credits in Canada:
Unity 1918 by Kevin Kerr
The Merry Wives of Windsor by W. Shakespeare
Twelve Ophelia’s by Caridad Svich
Tales from Ovid by Ted Hughes
As You Like It by W. Shakespeare
7 Deadly Monsters by Lynda Barry
Les Belles Soeurs by Michel Tremblay
Theatre of the Film Noir by George Walker
On the Very Corner of that Old Map (Na Samym Rogu Tej Starej Mapy) Staging Performance based on Jacek Kaczmarski’s songs
At the Cultural Crossroads – Elmsley Hall, Toronto
Love Thy Saviour by J.Lutowski, Robert Gill Theatre, Toronto.

Comfort by Franca Miraglia (New Play Workshop),
City of Wine Project by Ned Dickens – part: Jokasta (New Play Workshop)

Translating into Polish:
Richard Boleslawsky – Acting. The First Six Lessons;
Norm Foster – 27 plays;
Coleen Murphy – The Goodnight Bird;
G.F.Walker – Theatre of the Film Noir; Criminals in Love;
Coleen Wagner – The Monument;
David Molnar – Sarah’s Cave;
Michael Healey – The Drawer Boy.