Love Thy Saviour

by Jerzy Lutowski

English Translation of play: Prof. Kevin Windle

This North American premiere is performed for the first time in English. Don’t miss it!!!  Canadian actors are showing their talents in a European play using three different theatrical styles.

The three acts have widely differing historical, cultural and geographical settings and a varying cast of characters when produced as a unified work. Only the “savior” in all acts is being performed by the same actor.

Act I: Seville, 1493. At the height of the inquisition, a Jewish girl renounces her background and religion to marry the Christian grandee (Saviour) whom she loves. He, Alonso, is thus “rescuing” her from Jewry, and also saving her father’s life by smuggling him out of Spain.

Act II: Holland, 1793. A saddler and his wife have to accommodate two French soldiers (Saviours) of the “liberating” Napoleon Bonaparte army, bringing their notion of liberty, equality and fraternity into an area where these are neither welcomed nor understood. It is a mix of brilliant and sophisticated humour with tragic consequences.

Act III: Poland, 1953, time of “Stalinism”. The hallucinations of a state-security interrogator (Saviour), involving a visit from his mentor who operated in the days when “ideals” meant something and there were still “real” enemies to be sought out.

Director & Producer: Mirek Polatynski
Set and Costume Designer: Joanna Dabrowski

Fight Director: Simon Fon
Light Designer and SM: Bogdan Paszkiewicz

Photos and visual media: Peter Bacler

Colin Murphy
Julia Lefebvre
Adam Kolozsvari
Heather Couch
Andrew Fleming

Official Premiere: Feb. 26/2010 @ 8pm
Next shows:                   Feb.27/2010 @ 2pm & 8pm
Feb.28 @ 2pm
Toronto Centre for the Arts, North York, 4050 Yonge Street

Tickets: Adult $30;  Students & Seniors $22 (with valid student ID)
Box Office: (416) 872.1111    also  online:

WARNING: This show contains a gunshot!!!

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