Handcrafted Love


Ilona was born in the south-eastern part of Poland. She had lived in several cities in Poland prior to her arrival to Canada. Her musical adventures have begun in Poland, where, already as a child, she obtained piano and vocal training. From early age, Ilona was a part of several child and teenage musical formations and performed at concerts and contests. The love for music has continued in Canada through actively performing in Canada and USA. Together with vocal performances arose the need for expressing emotions and ideas through writing songs. Ilona is currently recording her album, which is projected to appear for her premiere album release concert in May 2018. Professionally she is a scientist with Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (University of Waterloo) in the area of medical image quality assessment.

She is inspired by the famous quote of Socrates:
“The only real wisdom is knowing how little we know”.

Premiera płyty HandCrafted Love Ilony Anny Kowalik już wkrótce w Living Arts Centre!!!

4 Maja, 2018 godz. 20.00 / 4th of May, 2018 at 8 PM

4141 Living Arts Drive, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Więcej informacji / More Info: 416.417.2655

Bilety / Tickets online: Living Arts Centre.